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Siren's Cove
Siren's Cove

Siren's Cove

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Escape Hour Point Ruston

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The pirate life​, for most, is full of adventure, trials, and triumphs. However, there is only a couple of opportunities in a pirate's life that could establish a lasting legacy for their name and their accomplishments. This is why when Marina Marquis, one of the most revered pirates of the emerald isles, returned with the promise of you to attain such status, you jumped at the prospect. She has returned with a Siren scale, a scale that has triggered a distant, ethereal call. Follow the call to a cove. This cove, only talked about in legends, is said to provide enough gold to fill ten galleon ships. Be the first to find this cove and get rewarded handsomely. With incomprehensible treasure on the mind, will you proceed with caution knowing that legends and folklore often have a darker side - a side of unpredictability and turmoil? Or will you throw caution to the wind and set sail to establish your new legacy?

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  • 70 mins



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