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Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

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For years you have been travelling the globe collecting ancient objects and artefacts, for the British museum, when one day you hear a story that couldn’t possibly be true. Tales of secrets and mysteries, jewels and riches, and, a magical lamp that can alter the course of ones life in a dramatic way. At first you pass it off as an old folks tale, but the more you hear the story from different people, the more your curiosity takes over, and now you have arrived in the very market square that the stories originate from. An old lady tells you about the legend of Arabian Nights saying this is where the first secret was discovered, many people have tried to uncover them, yet nothing has been found, but the old lady claims that only one with a pure heart can discover such secrets, you have more questions, but before you have time to ask, the old lady has disappeared…

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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