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L'Iris Express [Iris Express]

Iris Game

October 19th 1868, somewhere in the south of France… "The Iris Express train will be arriving at Monte Carlo station in one hour" That’s what you know. Your journey to Monte Carlo with the new Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée railway line is coming to an end! What an opportunity you had to be one of the 346 privileged to travel this line in the Iris Express which will arrive for the very first time in Gare de Monaco! Uh... wait a minute… Why all the yelling? And why isn’t the driver in the locomotive? Uh… Besides, the locomotive door is blocked?! What? But how are you going to do it?! The train must arrive within an hour but without a driver and launched at this speed… It is the catastrophe assured dear travelers, this is a serious time! Let’s recap: The train is launched at full speed and we enter Monaco station for the first time in 60 minutes, and here we are in a delicate situation because the driver has disappeared... Have a good one! You are the only ones who can find a solution to stop the damn train! Hurry, or we are all lost! It would be a tragedy!

  • 1-5
  • 60 mins
  • Hard

L'Iris Express [Iris Express]
  • Real Life Escape Room

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Iris Game

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