Cannibals In The Catacombs
Cannibals In The Catacombs
Cannibals In The Catacombs

Cannibals In The Catacombs

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The catacombs of Paris are a popular tourist destination. The bony fragments of several hundred-year-old remains attract curious visitors from all around the globe. But lesser known to the public is what exists beyond the catacombs. A place so deep below the Earth’s surface, it has its own ecosystem – independent of the outside world. No one would expect so much life would exist in a place with so much death. And this is where things get messy. It is rumored that an ancient cannibalistic tribe lives beyond the catacombs. According to legend, These people feast on the flesh of unsuspecting tourists and curious teenagers. They perform black magic rituals and worship a figure resembling a jackalope. All of this is simply rumors. Nobody has ever seen these people…. Or at least lived to tell the tale. Meet Arthur, an Anthropologist from Jacksonville, FL, USA. Arthur became obsessed with the cannibalistic tribe of the catacombs. He flew to Paris determined to prove their existence. But that was several days ago. I’m afraid no one has heard from Arthur since. You are here because you are the best in your field. If there’s any chance Arthur is still alive, you are his only hope. I’ve arranged for a guide to take you down to the Catacombs, I don’t know how deep they’re willing to travel, but they can at least give you a head start. Your mission is to find Arthur and bring him home safely. Good luck on your voyage. You’re going to need it.

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