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Estudio De Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock’s Study]

El Reto

Holmes has gone to London in order to solve an urgent case, but he left in his study an important document crucial for the investigation! Sherlock needs you, but, smart as he is, he has installed in his study an ingenious alarm so intruders will not steal his research; It will go off in 60 minutes after the activation! Sherlock has created a series of deceptively clever games to guarantee that only the smartest will find the document. Work together, find the hints, solve the puzzles and find the secret archive without triggering the alarm within an hour! Holmes was famous for his powers of observation and deduction, which he used to solve mysteries. Are you able to think like Sherlock to escape the room?

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Unknown

Estudio De Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock’s Study]
  • Real Life Escape Room

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El Reto

C. Juan Sebastián Elcano, 12A, 41011 Sevilla, Spain

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Book on https://experimentaelreto.es/en/games/

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