Wizard Trials
Wizard Trials
Wizard Trials

Wizard Trials

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Master Diaphugius is the greatest name in wizardry in a handful of generations, and he selected you to be his apprentices. You’ve survived alchemical mishaps, recovered from embarrassing transmutations, and braved quests for all manner of exotic ingredients (not to mention the countless runs for tea leaves). But all those headaches, the long nights, and the singed eyebrows have brought you to this ... your final test. Diaphugius has left you alone in his tower with a single mission. His favorite familiar, the cat Mikla, has gone missing. You have been given one hour. If you can find her before your master returns, he will give you your very own spellbook and the title of ... Assistant Wizard!

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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We liked this room better than PaniQ’s Medieval Madness (see my review on that room for more details). The tech was better in this room, and we felt like there was a better variety of puzzles. We enjoyed the whimsical atmosphere and thematic reveals. There were a few minor issues that kept me from loving this room (see below for more details if you are okay with mild spoilers). But overall, this room was fun and enjoyable, and I would recommend it for enthusiasts and newbies alike. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS AHEAD. Here are the couple of negatives that kept us from fully loving the room: 1. There were still a couple of trial-and-error time wasters like Medieval Madness had—but at least the ones in Wizard Trials were fun or funny, so that made the experience more enjoyable overall. 2. There was also one puzzle that had pieces that were half-made for a different puzzle that wasn’t actually a part of our game anymore (apparently a change was made post-COVID). Instead of removing those components, PaniQ left them in, thereby creating a red herring that was a little annoying. But it wasn’t a huge deal, and we still had fun overall.





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Reviewed Feb 22, 2023 | Played Feb 20, 2023


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Awesome second generation room! Super interactive and very fluid!

Reviewed Jan 1, 2022

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