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What is Morty?

Morty is an app that lets escape room enthusiasts and newbies find games, book them, and track their escapes. It is also a marketing tool that helps escape room owners grow their business.

The escape room industry is fragmented, and we think that is a good thing. Creativity and innovation thrive as a result of it, but not user experience. We aim to change that and make the individual experience seamless across the industry and world.

Get New Customers

The Morty app highlights your escape room when it is nearby, bringing you new players.

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Free to List

No ongoing monthly fees. We receive a commission only when you get paid and get a customer.

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Competitively Priced

Compared to other marketing methods such as SEM, Yelp, and Facebook Ads.

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What (Actual) Users Say

"Really cool. I didn't realized escape rooms were so cool."

Andrew M.

"Such a good idea, booking this goddamn room is so hard."

Tiffany W.

"The room itself was ok but the app is great :)"

Mila S.

"Love that you can book straight from it."

Jarred M.


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