Welcome RECON 21 Enthusiasts

What is Morty?

Get excited! Morty is the escape room app you've been waiting for. It gives you superpowers that let you:

Find the best escape rooms

Track your own escape stats

Meet new friends

Plan your next adventure

It's all in the Morty app - for FREE!

Download Morty

Step 1
Scan the QR code from your iOS device or
go here to download the app.
Step 2
Sign up using invite code RECON21

Two ways to win money at RECON

1. Invite the most enthusiasts, 
  win $150

Invite enthusiasts to Morty using your personal invite code. You'll get a point towards your score if they join and mark 5 or more games played in the app.

Whoever gets the most points by 11:59:59pm PT on Monday Aug 23 2021 wins.

To get started click the button below. We will boost your invite capacity and enroll you in the contest.

**Please no spamming invite links to public RECON channels. 😃

Enter the contest!
2. Play a game for a chance to    win $100

Play at least one RECON game and log it in Morty during RECON and you'll automatically be entered into a random drawing to win $100.

One winner will be selected on Tues.

Unlock the RECON badge in Morty

Take one of the following surveys to unlock a special RECON badge.


Who are y'all?

I've seen stuff like this before, the data is never accurate. How will you do better than the rest?

Every app like this goes away eventually. I don't want to lose the data I've entered.

Does Morty work on Android?