La Forêt De Falderon [Falderon Forest]La Forêt De Falderon [Falderon Forest]
La Forêt De Falderon [Falderon Forest]
La Forêt De Falderon [Falderon Forest]

La Forêt De Falderon [Falderon Forest]

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Sauve Qui Peut - Saint-Jean

  • Escape room
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In the heart of the enchanted forest of the Kingdom of Falderon was a magical well. A well with magic so powerful that it alone was the source of all the forest and its creatures. In order to produce all this magic, a ritual had to be completed every 100th full moon. Unfortunately, the gnôme in charge of protecting this well and completing this ritual was not found. If this ritual is not done in time, magic will cease to exist in Falderon. The Queen therefore asked to assemble a team consisting of the 4 ancient powers: a Sorcerer and his magic wand, a Fortune Teller with his crystal ball, an Apothecary and his grimoire and finally a Knight with his heroic sword. It is only with their logic and the union of their four powers that they will be able to find the well and complete the ritual there before the full moon disappears!

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