Age Of KnightsAge Of Knights
Age Of Knights
Age Of Knights

Age Of Knights

The MindTrap Tsimiski

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Permanently Closed - We are in the Middle Ages, in King Arthur's Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table are the players, a group of selected knights who have sworn to protect the kingdom and obey the king's orders. Saracen pirates have arrived in the country and are making their way to the castle to loot it. Their ultimate goal is to find the Holy Grail, which King Arthur has hidden in a crypt in the castle's sanctuaries. A crypt full of traps and deterrents for would-be robbers. Despite the fact that the war has been lost and a battle is raging inside the castle, Arthur orders the Knights of the Round Table to retrieve the holy chalice from the crypt. The Saracens arrive outside the King's room and attempt to break down the door before he can explain how to avoid the traps and mechanisms. Arthur shows them a hidden passageway that leads directly to the crypt. Now, they must save the sacred relic from the Saracens before they reach the crypt.

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard