Sherlock Escape RoomSherlock Escape Room
Sherlock Escape Room
Sherlock Escape Room

Sherlock Escape Room

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Escape Room By Midgaard Event

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The year is 1902 and Edward VII, Prince of Wales is to be crowned the King of England. However, a hidden network of republicans, spearheaded by Colonel Holtenberg, intends to overthrow the British Monarchy. The new rulers are waiting in the shadows and are planning a major European war. The Colonel has gotten hold of some intimate photographs of the Crown Prince in the company of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt. If the Crown Prince doesn’t cancel the coronation within 75 minutes, the Colonel will publish the photographs. No matter the turnout the British Monarchy and indeed the fate of the World are at stake! To counter this threat, a team of British agents have been rushed to Colonel Holtenberg’s mansion in Denmark – and this is where you step into the picture. Your mission is to infiltrate the Colonel’s mansion and get a hold of the photographs within 75 minutes, to ensure that the scandal is averted.

  • 6-12
  • 75 mins
  • Expert


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