Zaklęte Amulety [Enchanted Amulets]Zaklęte Amulety [Enchanted Amulets]
Zaklęte Amulety [Enchanted Amulets]
Zaklęte Amulety [Enchanted Amulets]

Zaklęte Amulety [Enchanted Amulets]

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  • Escape room
  • IRL

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A terrible curse has been placed on our beautiful world. Extremely powerful Wizard quarreled the once friendly Schools of Magic and with the help of magic immobilized the most powerful representatives of each of the Schools. The time of darkness and terror has come. Only the outstanding artifact of the Cup of Life has enough power to free the enchanted magicians who together overcome the omnipresent evil. However, the road to winning the Life Cup is winding and bumpy. Legend has it that only the owner of all Enchanted Amulets will be able to find the powerful artifact. However, for hundreds of thousands of years, Amulets have been under the care of the Schools of Magic. Can you solve puzzles, get all Amulets and save the world from destruction? Hurry up, the clock counts down 65 minutes and the Hellhounds' howl can already be heard around the corner.

  • 2-8
  • 65 mins
  • Expert


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