Starcie Mistrzów [Champion Showdown]Starcie Mistrzów [Champion Showdown]
Starcie Mistrzów [Champion Showdown]
Starcie Mistrzów [Champion Showdown]

Starcie Mistrzów [Champion Showdown]


  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Escape room – Kraków – 10 people? You don’t have to look further: Champion Showdown is a room just for you! If your favourite activity is going to Escape Rooms and you feel like there’s no such puzzle that you couldn’t solve, then you found the right place! Escape Room prepared by us is not a game for newbies. Face each other in our special team challenge. You have only 45 minutes to solve the boxes full of puzzles. It’s the Olympics for the masters of cleverness. Complete your team of a maximum of 8 people (the 10 person option will be explained below) – when you arrive at Gamescape, you’ll have to split into two teams and fight for the medals of the real Champions. You can compete against your friends or random opponents. From 4:50 pm to 7:50 pm, you’ll have three chances to face off a group of unknown Codebreakers. During this time, your team can only consist of max. 5 people. Booking is possible at, e.g., 4:50 pm or 4:51 pm. If the second hour is booked by another Team, you’ll have a real Team Battle. If not, the competition will still be on, but you’ll be facing your friends (you’ll be split into two smaller teams). And if you want an Escape Room (Kraków) for ten people, you can book, e.g. 4:50 pm and 4:51 pm, and the battlefield will be only for You. Champion Showdown is a great idea for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Ladies vs Gentlemen? Maybe a special birthday competition? Who will come out as a victor of this challenge? Visit us in Gamescape Kraków – we guarantee lots of emotions and even more puzzles! Real Champions are not afraid of anything, so don’t hesitate: take on our challenge! The Real Masters are not afraid of anything, so don't wait: take up our challenge!

  • 2-10
  • 45 mins
  • Expert