Osiem Portali [Eight Portals] [Outdoor]Osiem Portali [Eight Portals] [Outdoor]
Osiem Portali [Eight Portals] [Outdoor]
Osiem Portali [Eight Portals] [Outdoor]

Osiem Portali [Eight Portals] [Outdoor]

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  • Escape room
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Eight Portals - a special mission in the world fantasy! fantasy! An unexpected burst of magical energy has torn the border between our world and a parallel dimension inhabited by elves, goblins, and other magical beings. You are our last hope: if you do not manage to find and close the portals in time, we are doomed. Hordes of orcs will turn the world into complete chaos… According to an ancient legend, the portals can also be closed with the help of magic crystals. They are hidden in secret places in your world, in case of such unexpected situations. Additionally, access to them is protected by difficult puzzles... To help you find the right place you will need archival photos that were taken when the portals were last opened a few centuries ago. That is your mission: find all the crystals and close the portals to save the world! This magical device will allow you to see elements of our magical world. For your mission you will receive special equipment along with an iPad with GPS maps that will help you see all the elements of the magical world (AR Technology Inside – Augmented Reality) City game Cracow – fantasy scenario with the journey taking you to the old Zwierzyniec, and the old non-obvious monuments from this beautiful region. Implemented in the game are also old photos of Cracow.

  • 2-6
  • 140 mins
  • Medium


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