Operacja Mindfall [Operation Mindfall] [Outdoor]Operacja Mindfall [Operation Mindfall] [Outdoor]
Operacja Mindfall [Operation Mindfall] [Outdoor]
Operacja Mindfall [Operation Mindfall] [Outdoor]

Operacja Mindfall [Operation Mindfall] [Outdoor]


  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Find the antidote before it's too late… Certainly, the world is in great danger. Consequently, undercover agents must save the world from oppression - that's their job. Secret organization SpiderTech created a virus that allows them to take control of the human mind. Thanks to that a small group of unpredictable people will choose for us - no matter it's a decision regarding health, shopping, politics, or even life in general. People whose goal is to take over the world. The virus will activate in 120 minutes! You and only you can find a way to prevent this disaster. A difficult task lies ahead of you – full of puzzles, ciphers, safes, and many more things challenging your perceptiveness. Without it, you won’t be able to complete this mission. And the time is breathing down your neck! Collect your team, get out into the city and save the world. There’s no doubt it’s the most interesting Escape City game we have to offer for those obsessed with visiting rooms and completely new players. Not to mention the plot of this game is based on a real story of a secret organization from the 1950s that began operating in the US. Do they still exist? Is it still a threat to us? There’s no clear answer, but those brave enough to go out into the city and find the bits of truth behind that story…, this, and a lot more, is waiting for you at the Escape City – Operation Mindfall.

  • 2-6
  • 140 mins
  • Medium