Legendy Krakowskie [Krakow Legends] [Outdoor]Legendy Krakowskie [Krakow Legends] [Outdoor]
Legendy Krakowskie [Krakow Legends] [Outdoor]
Legendy Krakowskie [Krakow Legends] [Outdoor]

Legendy Krakowskie [Krakow Legends] [Outdoor]


  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Kraków Legends - find the lost treasure ! Krakow is a legendary city, full of secrets. The old buildings hide a lot of history, and the whole city has its own unique charm. However, few people know that this magic has its origins long before the foundation of Krakow. Thousands of years ago, the Hindu god Shiva scattered magical stones, chakras filled with his divine power, all over the world. One of them landed in Krakow, more precisely on the Wawel Hill. It was found in the 11th century during the construction of the castle and hidden in the church of St. Gereon from where he exuded his power. This place was later changed into the chapel of St. Mary of Egypt, and later liquidated, and it was then that the chakra had to find a way to survive. With his great power, he awakened the sleeping spirits of forgotten legends and placed them on the road that guards access to him. In order to find your way to the chakra, you have to overcome the tasks prepared by the spirits to stop you. Only the most persistent will be able to overcome the challenges placed on their way and gain the power of the chakra.

  • 2-6
  • 140 mins
  • Medium