Click 'N Glitch Arcade PalaceClick 'N Glitch Arcade Palace
Click 'N Glitch Arcade Palace
Click 'N Glitch Arcade Palace

Click 'N Glitch Arcade Palace

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The Escape Ventures - Port Charlotte

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It’s 1985: the decade of infectious music, bold fashions, and even bolder hair choices! The weekend’s here, so it’s time to meet up with your crew at “Click ‘N Glitch Arcade Palace’, the ultimate hangout spot in Clearview – especially since you’re an honorary member of the Joystick Jedis, an elitist gang of middle schoolers who wear acid-washed jeans and crush high scores, all while displaying the attitude that comes with both of those facts. The arcade palace just unveiled their newest game design ‘The Great Cheesy Chase!’ and there’s one player who has claimed the top spot… Of course! It’s the middle school bully- “Big Stanky”.

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