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Tokyo 2049

Escape Hotel

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In the great new feature of Escape Hotel Tokyo 2049, you immerse yourself in a setting worthy of an episode of CSI, set in vibrant Tokyo. The shocking crime occurred at Daisuke Karaoke, where renowned Japanese pop star Sayuri Sato was brutally murdered. With her overwhelming success and stunning beauty, Sayuri attracted a diverse crowd of regulars, including humans and androids. The local police team has already identified some suspects, and concluded that the criminal is an out-of-control android! Now it's up to you, detectives from the Koban Scientific Police, to uncover who is behind this terrible crime. He's out there and completely out of control. Sayuri Sato's legions of fans are crying out for justice. The pressure is on you to find this criminal android and bring peace to the community by preventing a mass massacre. You only have 60 minutes to locate the killer android and exterminate him.

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins