Wasted WhileWasted WhileWasted WhileWasted While
Wasted While
Wasted While
Wasted While

Wasted While

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Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms

  • Escape room
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It is 1857, and Pike's Peak gold rush is drawing miners to the area, including a variety of unsavory characters inclined to steal claims. Among them, The Hooligan Gang have become especially notorious for appropriating other miners' claims. Dudley Babbit legitimately secured a mine that he named The Wasted While. With poor health requiring him to return to Denver, Dudley decides to hide hints and puzzles that only his family can solve. Fresh on the scene, can the Babbit family unravel the clues and secure Dudley’s claim before the pesky Hooligans do? Time will tell.

  • 2-10
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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