The Blind Tiger SpeakeasyThe Blind Tiger Speakeasy
The Blind Tiger Speakeasy
The Blind Tiger Speakeasy

The Blind Tiger Speakeasy

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It’s the year 1923 and prohibition is in full swing! The powerful mob boss, Maximillian Malone, is making a killing selling his booze at his local joint, The Blind Tiger. You and your mafia gang want in on the action. All you need to do is get your hands on a bottle of Maxie’s Moonshine and you’ll be able to give him a run for his money (soon to be yours). Your lookouts have learned that Maxie and his gang will be out on the town tonight, celebrating their continued success, so it’s the perfect time to strike! You’ll have exactly one hour to get in and find a bottle so you can replicate his recipe. But don’t get caught or you and your crew will be pushing up daisies before the evening’s over! Can you find Maxie’s Moonshine before he returns?

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  • 60 mins



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