Vortex Futur [Vortex Future]Vortex Futur [Vortex Future]
Vortex Futur [Vortex Future]
Vortex Futur [Vortex Future]

Vortex Futur [Vortex Future]

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Sauve Qui Peut - Saint-Jean

  • Escape room
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You are here today because the government found out that over the years, you have acquired extensive knowledge in engineering. You will have to travel in the future, more precisely in 2089, and attain the spaceship in order to infiltrate one of its space station that gravitates around the Earth. This station was built in the hopes to detect any threat to our planet and humanity. Unfortunately, this station is out of function. You are the only one capable of rebooting the system of the spaceship and thus save the world before its destruction. However, you must be quick since there is only one hour left on the spaceship’s energy reserve in order to stabilize this interstellar station that is necessary for the survival of our human race.

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  • 60 mins
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