April 2022 Update

Here’s what the Morty team has been working on recently.

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BIG news this month!

Database improvements

In April, Morty added 2,375 games this month to our database, bringing the number of rooms that can be tracked in the app to 16,240! And more importantly...
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We finished the US & UK!

A big shoutout to our Data Ops team — in March we were able to hit our quarterly goal to have every open escape game in the United States & the United Kingdom verified! And we finished it with an entire day to spare. 🎊
Now we’re working through phase 2, adding closed games so Morty users can track games that are no longer open.
We are proud of this accomplishment as it means that all of our users in these regions are now accessing the most accurate database in the world for their area.
We’ll keep these geographic locations up to date as we’re notified of openings and closings. Morty users help keep the database accurate, so please keep submitting your suggestions! 🙏

New features

As our quarter ends, we reflect on all the new additions that have rolled out recently.
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You can now sort by community score to see the top-rated rooms within your search radius.
You can now filter out games your friends have played with our new plan with friends feature.
Just choose who you want to play with...
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... and see at a glance what everyone has wishlisted or played already, and filter out played games by anyone on your team.
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We also made it much faster to tag players. Morty will now automatically surface the most recent people you played with.
Plus, it’s now easier than ever to share lists, such as your wishlist, the list of games you’ve played, or your favorite games list with others.
Just tap the sharing icon to easily broadcast links and images of your lists.
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Community groups

Always feel free to hop on our Discord server to say 👋 to the Morty team, give feedback on the product, or connect with other users and talk escape games!

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