Announcing our seed round

Today we’re excited to share that Morty has closed a new round of funding.

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Morty raises Series Seed to unify the “geek economy"

It’s 2023, and we’re becoming digital zombies. Soon we’ll be booting up our Vision Pro goggles to chat with AI dating companions all day.
Yet still, humans yearn to get together in person.
In fact as AI becomes more convincing, real world interactions will become even more meaningful. The only way to know you’re having an authentic human experience.
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The unbundling of the theme park

When getting together, though, we increasingly want something interactive and engaging.
We don’t want to just sit in a bar. We want to share an experience captivating enough that we actually forget to check our phone for an hour.
IRL experiences must be as magical as our favorite tech products.
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In recent years dozens of billion dollar cottage industries have spun up to feed this demand…
escape rooms immersive art and theater location-based VR conventions scavenger hunts haunted attractions pinball speakeasies experiential museums murder mysteries barcades … and many more.
Morty is building the home for these new pastimes, and the geeky explorers who love them.
The Morty adventure map shows which experiences you’ll love, and assembles your crew to have some fun.
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Afterwards you track your outing, level up, and plan your next one.
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We launched with escape rooms first and have already become the dominant platform in the space and amassed a passionate community.
We now drive about $500,000 in monthly bookings to escape experiences, and users have left hundreds of thousands of thoughtful ratings and reviews, positioning us to build the ultimate recommendation engine of fun stuff to do.

In the long run

Our aim is to reduce collective loneliness.
We're working to reinvent the protocol of social outings — soon Morty will be your social copilot, making it easy to find things you'll love to do, and get together with friends regularly.
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But it’s just the beginning

We are excited to announce that we’ve just launched our 2nd vertical: Haunted Attractions
Fans of haunted houses, hayrides, and Halloween fun can now find and review 4,000 attractions in our massive database.
And over the next year we’ll grow into additional verticals, begin monetizing, and expand our audience.
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And of course we’ll continue bringing groundbreaking experiences to the masses, enhancing our platform, and creating a new gamified way to get together.

Our series seed round

Today we’re excited to share that Morty has closed a new round of funding, bringing us to $3.5M raised in total.
Our new $2.2M round is led by Protagonist, with General Catalyst, Animo VC, Marketplace Capital, Wedbush Ventures, Unpopular Ventures, Wonder Ventures, and many helpful angels.
This capital will accelerate our mission to build the biggest theme park in the universe, connecting people to the best adventures in every city.
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To be sure, there’s a colossal amount of work ahead of us, and we’re thrilled to have the support of world class investors who share our crazy dream.
We particularly honored that Animo, General Catalyst, Wedbush and others who invested in our pre-seed round chose to double down again.

Join us 🧟‍♀️

We would love to have you join our rapidly expanding community:

We’re hiring

If you know an amazing Senior Product Designer we’d love to meet them.
Even if not a fit for you, we’re always looking to meet smart, driven people for future roles.
Shoot us a note: [email protected]
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