The Best Escape Rooms of 2022



December 22, 2022 - 15 min read

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    The Best Escape Rooms of 2022

    The 2022 Morty’s Finest Awards

    We are thrilled to announce the winners of the first annual Morty’s Finest awards.

    In 2022, the Morty community logged more than 200,000 escape room experiences and contributed over 130,000 ratings at escape rooms worldwide.

    To show appreciation for the amazing creators of these experiences, we decided to recognize some of the best escape rooms according to the Morty community.

    Of the thousands of games and companies, the Morty team identified 243 escape games across 150 companies that were particularly well regarded by Morty users and deserving of this distinction.

    These experiences provide particularly imaginative puzzles, deep immersion into unique worlds, and great customer service.

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    Congratulations to the winners!

    How were winners determined? 🤔

    Winning rooms were primarily identified via the Morty community score algorithm, with some minor adjustments to identify regional standouts.

    Some games that are widely considered to be fantastic were not included because Morty does not yet have a strong presence in some parts of the US and the world.

    As we expand our community these awards will reach farther!

    Think your games should have made the list? 👍

    As the Morty community grows, the minimum rating for award consideration, and the standards for community scores will both rise.

    The best way to be included in next year’s awards is to help spread the word about Morty by encouraging your customers to leave ratings and reviews for your rooms in the app.

    We recommend working this into your core customer experience. For instance by showing your players how to rate your games on Morty before they leave your location, or in your post game emails.

    The complete list of honored games

    Ordered alphabetically by company

    13th Gate EscapeCutthroat CavernLouisiana
    13th Gate EscapeSpellboundLouisiana
    13th Gate EscapeThe AsylumLouisiana
    13th Gate EscapeTomb of AnubisLouisiana
    303 EscapesRoom 303 Chapter 1Colorado
    60 to EscapeMystery ManorIllinois
    60Out - MelroseHoudiniCalifornia
    60Out - SilverlakeJumanji Welcome to the JungleCalifornia
    Axxiom Escape RoomsThe Masons Temple Delaware
    Backstage Escape GamesDark Winters Night South Carolina
    Backstage Escape GamesThe Haunting Of Hyde House South Carolina
    Beat the BombMission 01 Cyberbot New York
    Black Cat Escape RoomThe Dollhouse Virginia
    Black Cat Escape RoomThe Stray Cat Speakeasy Virginia
    Black Mountain EscapeUss Mckoy North Carolina
    Boda Borg BostonBoda Borg Boston Quests Massachusetts
    BoxarooMystery Of The Magicians Study Massachusetts
    BoxarooStorytellers Secret Massachusetts
    Brain Games EscapeThe Laboratory California
    Brain Games EscapeTreasure Island California
    Breaking Point Escape RoomsChristmas Help Wanted California
    Breaking Point Escape RoomsHeadcase California
    Breaking Point Escape RoomsThe Secret At Whitmore Estate California
    Bust Out Escape RoomEscape Jumanji New Mexico
    Captivating WorldsThe Sins Of Doctor Faustus Ohio
    Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and SpaceRevenge Of The Cabin Illinois
    Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and SpaceThe Wizards Curse Illinois
    City 13Save The City Wisconsin
    Clever Fox Escape RoomsThe Curse California
    Clue CrackerTemple Quest United Kingdom
    Clue CrackerThe Diamond Dogs United Kingdom
    Clue IQCrane Manor Maryland
    Clue IQExcalibur Maryland
    Clue IQOperation Jingle Bells Maryland
    clueQuestCq Origenes United Kingdom
    clueQuestOperation Blacksheep United Kingdom
    Colonial Escape RoomThe Chesapeake Bay Butcher Virginia
    CompendiumUi 55 United Kingdom
    Confusion EscapesThe Last Job California
    Confusion EscapesThe Treehouse California
    Conundrum Escape Rooms - ArvadaExperiment C73 Colorado
    Countdown GamesMurder Mansion Kentucky
    Cross Roads Escape GamesThe Fun House California
    Cross Roads Escape GamesThe Hex Room California
    Cross Roads Escape GamesThe Weeping Witch California
    Cyber Raccoon Escape RoomTrain Robbery California
    Dare 2 EscapeAt The Hop Ice Cream Shoppe Florida
    Dare 2 EscapeThe Archive Florida
    Dare 2 EscapeThe Seventh Room Florida
    Dare 2 EscapeThe Video Store Florida
    Deadline Escape RoomsFreakshow Nevada
    Deadline Escape RoomsWitch Doctor Nevada
    Deceptive GamesReturn To Coulrophobia California
    Deceptive GamesThe Butcher California
    Doldrick's Escape RoomSuper Bomb Squad Florida
    Doldrick’s Escape RoomCaptain Spoopy Bones Florida
    Eleventh Hour EnigmaThe Cairo Connection Oklahoma
    Eleventh Hour EnigmaWinchesters Widow Oklahoma
    Eludesions Escape RoomsMad Hatters Tea Party Arizona
    Enchambered Live Escape Room AdventureThe Skull Witch California
    Enchambered Live Escape Room AdventureThe Whispering Halls California
    Encrypted Escape RoomBikers Revenge Pennsylvania
    EscapableOutatime Through The Decades United Kingdom
    Escapade GamesZoe California
    Escape Again RoomsA Wizards Tale Texas
    Escape Artist GreenvilleClassified South Carolina
    Escape Artist GreenvilleHelp Wanted South Carolina
    Escape Artist GreenvilleThe Starlight Motel South Carolina
    Escape Artist GreenvilleYuletide Magic South Carolina
    Escape ArtistsBaldwin Manor Ohio
    Escape Artists OrlandoDream Florida
    Escape Artists OrlandoNinja Florida
    Escape Blair WitchBlair Witch Nevada
    Escape FactorBonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge Illinois
    Escape Games At The RiverMutiny Skull Island California
    Escape GoatOperation Treehouse Florida
    Escape GoatThe Quest Florida
    Escape Hatch - OrlandoSmoke Mirrors Houdinis Final Escape Florida
    Escape Hour AustinThe Crypt Texas
    Escape Hour Gig HarborCurse Of The Mayan Ruins Washington
    Escape Hour Gig HarborLegend Of Theradonia Washington
    Escape Hour Point RustonSirens Cove Washington
    Escape My RoomInventors Attic Louisiana
    Escape PlanThe Battle For Britain United Kingdom
    Escape Plan ColumbiaMutiny South Carolina
    Escape Quest United KingdomMr Copplestones Curiosity Shoppe United Kingdom
    Escape Room ArlingtonPoes Chamber Virginia
    Escape Room EraThe Hide California
    Escape Room Herndon8 Bit Escape Virginia
    Escape Room HerndonMagicians Workshop Virginia
    Escape Room HerndonMaritime Mutiny Virginia
    Escape Room PittsburghSubway Escape Pennsylvania
    Escape The NetherworldSasquatch Georgia
    Escape The PastThe Anatomist United Kingdom
    Escape UThe Sneaky Snake Lounge Florida
    Escape2WinGhostly Encounter Virginia
    Escape2WinLunar Lockdown Virginia
    Escapement RoomsThe Tipsy Tailor California
    EscapeX Rooms Costa MesaOdditorium Emporium California
    EscapeX Rooms IrvineThe Curse Of The Black Knight California
    EscapologicCurio United Kingdom
    EscapologicRobin Of Lockskey United Kingdom
    Expedition EscapeLucky Dice Diner Pennsylvania
    Expedition EscapeThe Blind Tiger Speakeasy Pennsylvania
    Five Senses Escape RoomStarship Final Voyage Michigan
    Gatlin's Escape GamesBig Maw Berthas Fussin A Feudin Moonshine Hill Hootenanny Tennessee
    Gatlin's Escape GamesMasters Of Magic Tennessee
    Gatlin's Escape GamesThe Haunting Of Hyde House Tennessee
    Grapevine EscapeFocustec Labs Texas
    Great Room Escape UtahThe Cabin Cabin Room Utah
    Hatch EscapesLab Rat California
    Headlock Escape RoomsThe Keeper And The Fungus Among Us United Kingdom
    Hidden DonkeyIrvine School Of Wizardry And The Dragon Wand California
    Hounds Escape Game ExperienceSouthern Dis Comfort United Kingdom
    Hounds Escape Game ExperienceThe Explorers Diary United Kingdom
    Hourglass EscapesMystery At Innsmouth An Official Arkham Horror Escape Room Washington
    Hypnotic Escape RoomsAtlantis The Forgotten City California
    Improbable EscapesNeverland Heist On The High Seas Canada
    Infinity EscapeThe Magic Cottage California
    Keystone Escape GamesThe Inquisition Connecticut
    Lara's LabyrinthThe Inquisition Connecticut
    Level99Level99 Rooms Massachusetts
    Lock & Clue Escape RoomsThe Cellar Ii Sauls Revenge Rhode Island
    Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape RoomsTomb Raiders South Carolina
    Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape RoomsParanormal Investigator South Carolina
    Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape RoomsTeleporter Trials South Carolina
    Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape RoomsUndercover Agent South Carolina
    Locked AdventuresHunting Dracula Formerly V California
    LocurioThe Storykeeper Washington
    LocurioThe Vanishing Act Washington
    Lost GamesThe Asylum Playtime Nevada
    Louisiana Escape RoomGrandmas House Louisiana
    LucardoTreason United Kingdom
    Maine Escape GamesDr Gems Time Trap Maine
    Mass EscapeThe Eckstein Experiment Massachusetts
    Masterpiece EscapesMissing North Carolina
    Masterpiece EscapesWrecked North Carolina
    Maze RoomsWhatever Happened To The Garretts California
    Memphis Escape RoomsShipwreck Cove Tennessee
    Mind Trap Escape RoomMafia Heist Illinois
    Mind Twist Escape ExperienceAlices Dream Nevada
    MindFox EscapeBlack And White Cafe California
    MindFox EscapeMoriartys Manor California
    MindTrap Escape Room40 Thieves California
    MindTrap Escape RoomArena California
    MindTrap Escape RoomExcalibur California
    MindTrap Escape RoomOperation Nightwalker California
    Ministry of PeculiaritiesHope End California
    Mission EscapesLunar Escape Colorado
    Myss Tic RoomsGhost Light New York
    Myss Tic RoomsMontauk Project New York
    New Mexico Escape RoomBlackwell Manor New Mexico
    Nexus Escape RoomEscape Your Nightmares Florida
    Nexus Escape RoomPollys Problematic Predicament Florida
    Nocturne AdventuresRipper North Carolina
    North Valley Escape RoomBig Top Circus Arizona
    North Valley Escape RoomEscape From Alcatraz Arizona
    Not Another Escape RoomBattleship California
    Not Another Escape RoomTime Machine California
    Olde City Escape GamesThe Midnighters Pennsylvania
    Omescape - OnlinePursuit Of The Assassin Artist Online
    Omescape - SunnyvaleChaos In The Galleria California
    Omescape - SunnyvaleUndercooked California
    Palace GamesThe Attraction California
    Palace GamesThe Edison Escape Room California
    Palace GamesThe Great Houdini Escape Room California
    Palace GamesThe Roosevelt Escape Room California
    PanIQ RoomWizard Trials Illinois
    PanIQ RoomThe Haunted Manor Nevada
    Paragon Escape GamesReturn Of The Pharaohs Arizona
    Pier PressureLoot The Lanes United Kingdom
    Prototype Escape GamesLocker Room Florida
    Quest RoomProject Minotaur California
    Quest RoomRed Giant California
    Quest RoomResurrection California
    Quest RoomWarlocked California
    Quest TavernThe Bridge Between California
    Quest TavernThe Last Supper California
    Quicksand Escape GamesThe Family Cabin California
    Rabbit Hole Recreation ServicesFrost Base Z Colorado
    Rabbit Hole Recreation ServicesParadox The Incredible Time Machine Colorado
    Rabbit Hole Recreation ServicesRuins Of The Mystic Temple Colorado
    Red Button EscapeJewel Heist Florida
    Red Button EscapeMayan Temple Florida
    Red Fox EscapesThe Body Shop Massachusetts
    Red Fox EscapesThe Heist Massachusetts
    Red Fox EscapesThe U Boat Massachusetts
    Scenario Escape RoomDr Hader Loses California
    Scenario Escape RoomThe Mad Rapper California
    Stash HouseStash House California
    Steal and EscapeThe Lost Expedition California
    Steal and EscapeThe Missing Season California
    Steal and EscapeThe Neighbor California
    Strange Bird ImmersiveThe Man From Beyond Texas
    The 13th RoomThe Silence California
    The BasementThe Basement Nevada
    The Basement : A Live Escape Room ExperienceChapter 4 The Courtyard California
    The Basement : A Live Escape Room ExperienceDeadn Breakfast California
    The Basement : A Live Escape Room ExperienceChapter 3 The Study California
    The Bureau Adventure GamesPossession At Haddon Heights Florida
    The Bureau Adventure GamesPuppet Heist The Hand Of Life Florida
    The Bureau Adventure GamesUfo Go For Launch Florida
    The Escape GamePlayground California
    The Escape GameRugrats Search For The Losted Toys Nevada
    The Escape GameRuins Forbidden Treasure Tennessee
    The Escape GameTimeliner Train Through Time California
    The Escape RevolutionEscobar California
    The Escape RevolutionWrongfully Convicted California
    The Escape VenturesBros For Life Fraternity Heist Florida
    The Escape VenturesNeighborhood Watcher Florida
    The Escape VenturesOutage No Vacancy Florida
    The Escape VenturesThe Satirical Miracle A Jolly Tale Of Grannys Blackmail Florida
    The Escape WarehouseHide Seek Louisiana
    The Escape WarehouseMystery Gates Theme Park Uncover The Secrets Within Louisiana
    The Exit Game AnaheimThe 13Th Basement California
    The Exit Games FLPins Needles Tattoo Parlor Florida
    The Exit Games FLServants Of Sleight Florida
    The Final DoorBlackout South Carolina
    The Final DoorDown The Rabbit Hole South Carolina
    The Final DoorThe Vampyr South Carolina
    The Gate EscapeThe Observatory Massachusetts
    The ImaginariumThe Grand Wilshire Hotel Canada
    The Locked InnRoom 1985 California
    The Lost Room Escape AdventuresGrimm Georgia
    The Lost Room Escape AdventuresMaster Key Georgia
    The Lost Room Escape AdventuresThe Break Room Krampus Georgia
    The Nemesis ClubEvil Robots Arizona
    The Nemesis ClubMogollon Monster Scouting For Arizonas Bigfoot Arizona
    The Panic RoomLoop United Kingdom
    The Perfect EscapeThe Pharoahs Tomb Texas
    The Perfect EscapeWongs Chinese Texas
    The Puzzle Effect DenverAmnesia Colorado
    The Sanctuary Escape GamesThe Lost Dutchmans Mine V 20 Oklahoma
    The Secret ChambersThe Mafia Adventure Texas
    The Secret ChambersThe Poe Adventure Texas
    The Unlockables Puzzle Room ExperienceSisters Secret California
    The Unlockables Puzzle Room ExperienceThe Escape California
    The Wreck Room Escape GameArea 51 Colorado
    Tick Tock Escape RoomsPyramid Paradox Kansas
    Trapped In The UpstateAsylum South Carolina
    Trapped! Escape Room Las VegasOne Eyed Jack Nevada
    Trivium GamesGhost Patrol California
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