Updates to the Morty Code of Conduct

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We’ve just completed some changes to the Morty Code of Conduct. We wanted to specifically address questions around whether escape rooms owners, operators, and staff can contribute reviews and ratings to Morty.
This was a tricky one.
At Morty we believe in creating the best platform for honest, thoughtful, and transparent reviews.
Other platforms like Yelp say owners or employees can't review competing businesses because of potential bias.
Yet anyone in the escape room industry knows that many owners and staff are also avid enthusiasts themselves. If we prevented any designer, owner, or employee from reviewing games, it would remove a large number of important and meaningful voices from the conversation.
But that being said, we also know that, despite best intentions, it's impossible to be 100% unbiased. So we're introducing a new Code of Conduct to try to address this reality.
We would love it if you would please give it a read and let us know what you think!
This will be the first of many adjustments as we try to strike a balance between owners, enthusiasts, and casual players.
Our policies will need evolve over time and we absolutely want to hear your thoughts — it is our community of amazing owners, players, and everyone in between who are shaping Morty into the ultimate resource for escape rooms. 🙏🚪

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