Morty Agent Program Dossier

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Join some of the most passionate escape room players in the world, and help grow Morty’s community and maintain its massive database.

What is this?

Morty Agents are a vital part of our mission; they are the eyes, ears, and voices in their geographic areas.
If selected to become a Morty Agent you will:
  • Distribute flyers and other materials to escape rooms in your area, and multiply Morty’s community.
  • Keep our database accurate in your area by reporting on new games opening or closing.
  • Working together with other Agents in your geographical area.
  • Build relationships with local owners.

What are the Benefits?

There are lots of cool perks to being a Morty agent:
  • Display a rad Agent badge on your Morty profile. (As long as you maintain your agent status)
  • Cool Morty swag. (After initial evaluation period)
  • Access to a special Agents only Discord channel on the Morty Server.
  • Beta Testing opportunities — see new app features before they are released.
  • Get listed on the Morty site as an Agent.
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What are the expectations?

The minimum expectations to maintain your Agent status:
  • Visit and distribute materials to 15* escape room locations per month.
  • Maintain 100% accuracy of game database near you.
  • Stay active on Morty Agents Discord channel.
* Requirements for agents in minor metro areas or rural locations are different

Apply to become a Morty Agent

Help Morty become the best escape room community ever created.

Who can be an Agent?

We are looking for Enthusiasts that are passionate about growing the escape room industry and who use the Morty app on a regular basis.
Do you invite a lot of people to Morty? Do you log every game that you play in Morty? Do you consistently rate and review games for others to read? Are you a GM, owner, or player that already talks about Morty all the time?
If so, you probably have what it takes to join us as an Agent.

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