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Robin Of Lockskey

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Find the arrow. Save the sheriff. The role of the modern day sheriff of nottingham is to protect and uphold the legend of robin hood. A group of ruthless kidnappers have taken the sheriff and are demanding the fabled golden arrow of robin hood as ransom. They have given you and your team 24 hours to comply with their demands, that was 23 hours ago... Your team has searched all manner of robin hood related locations looking for the arrow, from nottingham castle to sherwood forest, but to no avail. Your last shot is the private office of the sheriff an unusual and unique room with many hidden secrets to find, ancient codes to crack and elaborate puzzles to solve. Can you find the golden arrow, save the sheriff and make sure the legend survives? We have completely revamped robin of lockskey to bring you a new and fresh escape room experience unlike any other. An adventure that will take you from the modern day to the mysterious middle ages and hopefully... Back again.

  • Escape room
  • IRL
  • 2-5
  • 60 mins



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