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The Panic Room

  • Real Life Escape Room

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Step into the laboratory of Frontier Engineering, a research company tackling the unknowns of science, one mind-boggling paradox at a time. Undertake a 60 minute trial of a mysterious and powerful device they call ‘The Unit’. They won’t tell us what it does, but they assure us that it is completely safe*. In this weird science fiction adventure with strong undertones of Portal, you will be transported to impossible places and experience one of the craziest twists in escape room history. Seriously, this game will blow your minds! A game that totally redefines the meaning of ‘against the clock’, this experience is one that gamers and sci-fi fans will love! Science waits for no one, so prepare to enter….The Loop!

  • Escape room
  • IRL
  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard



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The Panic Room

St. George's Centre, Gravesend DA11, UK

+44 1474 450 029

Book on https://thepanicroom.net/loop

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You are never physically locked inside the room and may leave at any point If a group contains children younger than 12 then an adult must be present

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