The Witch's Tower AdventureThe Witch's Tower AdventureThe Witch's Tower Adventure

The Witch's Tower Adventure

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The Secret Chambers - Fort Worth

  • Escape room
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Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom far away, a horrible tragedy has struck. The good king, beloved by all, has been cursed by a witch and has fallen into an eternal sleep. The court wizards and doctors tried all they could, but nothing could wake the king from his cursed slumber. However, according to legend, there is an artifact—the Enchanted Diamond—that is said to break any curse, no matter how evil or tricky. Unfortunately, this treasure is said to currently be the property of a powerful witch—the same evil woman who cursed the king. Her forest tower is said to be impenetrable, and no one has yet been brave enough to attempt such a daring mission. No one, except you and your fellow adventurers. Once you heard of the king’s plight, you gathered up the finest companions you could find, and sprang to action. Along the way, you learned more about the fabled witch. No one can seem to agree on exactly who or what she is, only that she is a tricky and powerful woman. Her collection of magical artifacts and creatures rivals any other witch or wizard, both good and evil, in the kingdom.

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  • 60 mins


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