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It is the voices of the sea wind that bring the unknown soul of Elcano. The trapping voices of the sea wind. They told us about the feats of the Getarian sailor. We’ve heard the heroic version of the odyssey that took him around the world. We have read Elcano's various profiles in the wrong or similar context: navigator, swindler, Basque-speaking fisherman, bloodthirsty warrior for the crown, generous lover, cowardly rapist, loyal to the crew, traitor to the high office, illiterate, Spanish the Christian who signed the secret covenant, the man who was defeated by manhood, the son who was educated in humanity… it may be cheap to put labels on memory. Inevitably, on every return trip there is always something forgotten. Waiting for someone. Dumb. Silenced by history. The adventure is in your hands. No new reading of history will be explained to you here. Or maybe yes. On this site you will not find the truth or lies of the time when Joan Sebastian Elkano lived. Or maybe yes. Here, at most, you get to know yourself a little more. Or maybe not. And there is little doubt about it.

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