The Cyphstress
The Cyphstress

The Cyphstress

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Deadlocked Online

  • Escape room
  • Virtual

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In a worldwide first, Deadlocked, have collaborated with their favourite brewery, Siren Craft Brew to fused beer and online escape rooms together to create an epic alternative reality virtual online escape room, ‘The Cyphstress’, taking your brains on an adventure and back with this fantastic, mythology-heavy set of puzzles and riddles Join adventurer ‘T’ on an epic adventure to track down a lost recipe and a mythological Siren in this globetrotting narrative based critic favourite. Assemble your best team or play solo to navigate through the epic custom interfaces, using internet stalking across social media to hunt down our hero and join him in answering the Siren’s Call and brewing up a legendary beer, based upon an ancient recipe.

  • 2-6
  • 180 mins



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