The Lost Dutchman's Mine v. 2.0

The Lost Dutchman's Mine v. 2.0

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In the year 1540, Spanish conquistador Francisco Coronado gathered his men and began his quest for the mythical SEVEN cities of gold. Upon discovering an untapped mine in the mountains of Arizona they began mining gold, but soon after the men started to die. Their demise was unexplained. Some of them were decapitated, disemboweled and burned alive. Coronado and his remaining men left quickly, empty handed with only tales of death by spirits. 300 years later in the mid 1800’s, a group of Mexican miners named the Peralta family discovered the same mine and began extracting hundreds of pounds of gold only to meet the same fate as Coronado’s men. Nearly the entire Peralta family was massacred with the exception of a few who vowed to return later to collect their spoils. They created a stone map and hid its whereabouts from everyone so that they could one day use it to find the Mysterious Mine once again. Superstition has it that the Apache tribe were responsible for the carnage. Anyone who desecrates the mine will feel the wrath of the spirit of the mine held sacred by the Apache tribe. Two decades later, a German miner named Jacob Waltz (nicknamed The Lost Dutchman) accidentally finds the Peralta Stone Map and navigates to the same mine. Legend has it that Jacob killed several men just to keep his mine a secret. Your goal is to continue where Jacob Waltz left off in search of the coveted “MotherLode” and escape unscathed.

  • Escape room
  • IRL
  • 4-8
  • 60 mins



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This room requires a minimum of four players for all the puzzles in the room to be completed Players may get dirty in this game This adventure does involve a certain level of physical activity To those players with a dust allergy or asthma be advised

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