Robot Rescue (Lobby Version) [Portable]
Robot Rescue (Lobby Version) [Portable]
Robot Rescue (Lobby Version) [Portable]

Robot Rescue (Lobby Version) [Portable]

Mostly Positive (1)

Fox in a Box Tucson

  • Real Life Escape Room

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You receive a large crate at your doorstep, addressed to a beloved relative of yours. A small robot named Gregg is inside the crate and needs your help! After traveling the world to find the meaning of life, he needs reassembling in order to preserve his century-long memory—all before the limited battery dies and he loses his memory forever!

  • 1-5
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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Mostly Positive


Mostly Positive


Mostly Positive

Customer service

Mostly Positive


A fun experience for two. Despite being riddled with tech and prop issues, this game still offered many novel interactions and clever puzzles.


There were a lot of puzzles and surprises in the box. Some interactions were very novel. The puzzles were mostly clued clearly, and the experience was very linear. Despite many tech and prop issues, it was a fun experience.


Vaguely antique and slightly steampunk, the theme is kinda pasted-on, and many elements don’t make sense with the story. Some of the sound effects worked, but a couple crucial ones never triggered. The box was placed in a room we’d previously played for privacy. Some classical music soundtracked the experience, and that was a welcome accompaniment.

Customer service

Particularly interesting or different



A very scant story that didn’t jive with most of the puzzles.



Game tech


A mix of both, but mainly cleverly-constructed mechanical puzzles.

Ideal number of players


Any more than 2 people would leave part of the group out. This is an intimate experience.

How scary?

Not scary

Was anything broken?


No fewer than 3 props were broken, requiring the GM to replace our faulty prop with the solved and opened version. A couple other elements weren’t working at full capacity. The final solve of the game was marred by faulty tech.

Live actors


Physically active

Not at all

Easy to find location


Tucked away above Snakes and Lattes.



Nearby garage and several pay lots.

Reviewed Dec 28, 2022 | Played Dec 28, 2022

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