Murder Mystery Escape Room
Murder Mystery Escape Room

Murder Mystery Escape Room

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We’re re-opening an old case! Whilst attending Lord Farringdon’s annual dinner, his Lordship leaves the room for a short time and suddenly there is a loud gunshot! No one seemed to see anything, and so the last person to see him alive is the main suspect. The quick thinking Colonel jumps to conclusions and bumbles them into Lord Farringdon’s study and locks the door behind them while the police are called. This poor soul spent the rest of their life in prison, and we have reason to believe they were not the true killer. We’ve managed to obtain some of their DNA and can thankfully implant the memory of their last hour of freedom, albeit locked in Lord Farringdon’s study, into someone’s brain so we can set the record straight once and for all. We’re not sure who the murderer is, but you need to find out who is, where his Lordship was killed, and with which murder weapon before the police arrive in an hour.

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  • 60 mins


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