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The Frosted Flagon

Golden Arrow Escape Games

PERMANENTLY CLOSED - Huzzah! It's happy hour at The Frosted Flagon as you and your guild scramble inside to escape the Wasteland's bitter cold. Celebrating yet another successful day of dungeon clearing, you order a round of mead and begin to tell the barkeep of how you bested the Lich King in an arm wrestling match. Halfway through your deeply embellished story, the tavern's doors burst open to reveal the immortal necromancer, Grimsbane. Quick to act, the barkeep casts a paralysis spell onto the intruder, but it won't hold him for long. 60 minutes is all the time you and your guild have to defeat the immortal Grimsbane before he unleashes his dark magic upon you.

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The Frosted Flagon
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