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The action of Olympus is set in Ancient Greece. The Olympic Games have just come to an end. All the demigods and the gods of the Greek pantheon were celebrating the ending of the rivalry among the athletes. The inhabitants of both Mount Olympus and Hades partied heavily, drinking beer straight from Dionysus’ Basements, dancing till the crack of dawn. The celebration seemed never-ending. Everyone was having the time of their lives. Taking advantage of the commotion, someone decided to pull a prank on the gods and steal their attributes. Hercules, Odysseus and Achilles all needed to sleep off after the fun, so they can’t help you with your heroic task. There’s a crucial assignment for those of you who decide to escape from this room. Players have to find and return all the attributes – things lost during the thunderous party; things so important, that they provide our gods with their powers. You have to hurry! The chaos over the Mountain affects human race even though it’s only been a day without the gods. Natural disasters begun to occur on Earth and each day is a risk of facing even more floods, earthquakes and volcano eruptions. You have to keep the lid on the situation! As always in Room Escape Warsaw, you’ll have as much, or as little as 60 minutes to complete the task! All this havoc results in you having one more unique opportunity. Thanks to all the chaos and gods’ helplessness, players have the chance to try to steal ambrosia – mythical food of the gods, providing them with not only superhuman strength and unworldly power, but also, what’s more important, immortality. Maybe that will allow you to escape from the Olympus unharmed, avoiding Ares’ wrath. You might be required to cross the Styx, conquer the Cerberus or flee from Thundering Zeus. Let Athena’s wisdom guide you! Time is running, you need to act, don’t be afraid of achieving what seems impossible! The legendary adventure in Room Escape that seems taken straight from the Ancient Greece consists of a few rooms stylised to the époque they come from. There are many surprisesand hidden places inside of the rooms. Climatic music will surely transfer players to the land of powerful gods. Those fond of physical activities won’t be disappointed. There’s no need to worry – knowledge of Greek mythology won’t be necessary, although those keen on it will find the tasks a little bit easier. One thing is for sure: this room will revolutionise your opinion on escape rooms. You will be able to experience the next level of escape games.

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