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Return Of Frankensteen

Escape Texarkana

PERMANENTLY CLOSED - Baron Von Frankenstein was a brilliant scientist in the early 1800’s that worked in distant Europe to bring life to the lifeless. His mistake in his greatest creation was not understanding the impact the past had on the present. The organs used in the creation are so important to how the creation will live and act. Before he died a violent death from the very monster he created, he had his books and lab notes translated to one of his distant relatives that continued the experiments. That relative was able to work for years in relative obscurity in a small town in west Arkansas. Except for a few local sightings that some labeled a monster, the experiments have been able to reach success that Baron Frankenstein had hoped to see. The creature is close to completion and has been locked away awaiting the right moment to emerge. While waiting the creature has been searching the lab looking for the last vital organs needed to be complete. You are tasked with helping find those organs. Somewhere in this lab are the heart, brain, and lifeblood that the monster Frankensteen needs to live. Follow the clues the doctor left in the lab. They will lead you to the 3 vital organs. Once you have the 3 vital organs in hand they will cause the violent Frankensteen to become a normal Ark/La/Tex citizen. Beware that the incomplete Frankensteen has been lurking about the lab searching for the organs himself and you will need to scare him away before you can continue with your search. You have one hour. Beware of the return of Frankensteen…

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Return Of Frankensteen
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