90s Nostalgia90s Nostalgia
90s Nostalgia
90s Nostalgia
90s Nostalgia

90s Nostalgia

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Boxed In Escape Rooms

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It’s a Friday night in 1990 something, and you’re getting ready for a totally stellar weekend. You and your closest pals ordered a couple of pizzas, just finished watching TGIF. Everything is pretty radical — until you realize you forgot to return your VHS rental, again! At this point, the video store is closed for the night. You start buggin’ because if you get any more late fees, you’re gonna be majorly grounded. That means you'll totally miss the Sadie Hawkins dance next weekend and your biggest crush will be dancing with someone else! As if! ​Where did you even put that video tape……you asked your sister and she said “talk to the hand” You and your friends come together and are determined to get that tape back BEFORE it's late. Step one, locate the tape. Step two... Break into the video store and return the tape! Step three? DON’T GET CAUGHT! You only have a single hour to make it back before your folks catch you! Booyah! Okay home skillet, what are ya waiting for?! Can you navigate the nostalgia and get the video returned in time, or will your blast from the past be a big LAME - O!

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins



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