The Cabin: Final ChapterThe Cabin: Final Chapter
The Cabin: Final Chapter
The Cabin: Final Chapter
The Cabin: Final Chapter

The Cabin: Final Chapter

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Escape Hour Gig Harbor

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It was a close call back at the Monie Motel. You would not have escaped were it not for quick thinking and a well-timed trade with a devious demon. You can’t believe you’ve beat death twice in your attempt to help the McKay family, but you have a feeling that your work isn’t done yet. Elizabeth’s final warning plays on repeat in your mind “Do not go after Henry… he now goes by No Face.” However, now that you are free from the motel you know what you need to do. Matty might be in danger. You need to find them. It took some digging, but you were able to speak with a few locals that saw a frazzled man and a scared girl head northeast, in the direction of their Cabin. The McKay’s have quite a large head-start, but you are now hot on their trail. Can you catch up with them in time? Will you be able to bring an end to this madness once and for all? You will need to muster all your courage and prepare yourself for a new, unsettling evil before attempting to uncover what awaits you in The Cabin: Final Chapter

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  • 70 mins



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