The Falswift ObjectiveThe Falswift ObjectiveThe Falswift Objective
The Falswift Objective
The Falswift Objective
The Falswift Objective

The Falswift Objective

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  • Escape room
  • Portable

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New Year’s Eve, 1961. Notorious gambler and suspected arms dealer M. Delune has invited a crowd of VIP guests to a celebratory gala at the fabulous Monteverdi casino…and your name is on the guest list. What the partygoers don’t know is that Delune is orchestrating the sale of a nuclear weapon at midnight. What Delune doesn’t know is that you, a team of elite spies, have infiltrated the party to thwart this scheme. Can you complete your mission and stop Delune before the clock strikes midnight, all without showing your hand?

  • 25-80
  • 90 mins


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