The Testing Ward
The Testing Ward
The Testing Ward

The Testing Ward

Mostly Positive (6)

Ready Set Go Adventures

  • Real Life Escape Room

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Your group decides to sneak into Centre 101- An abandoned psych ward that was shut down years ago because of malpractice. While venturing through the dark halls, your group gets locked into The Testing Ward. You quickly realize you’re not alone. It’s still occupied by one of the original patients who’s taken it upon himself to get revenge on anyone who dares to enter the abandoned facility. You’ll need to play his game, or else. The Testing Ward is a point based adventure, with loads of game content to occupy your 60 minute experience, making it totally repayable to beat your previous score! Your group will always experience the whole game, but the number of points you attain depends on how many challenges you successfully complete within the time limit. The game will adapt to how quickly or slowly you attain your points. If you don't get points as quickly, the story will progress allowing you to discover new areas and new challenges- so you're never bored or standing around.

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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Mostly Positive

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Mostly Positive


Mostly Positive


Mostly Positive


I enjoyed this room! It had a few unique and creative puzzles that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Some of them were challenging and a bit frustrating but I liked that this room actually stumped me a time or two considering I’ve done a lot of escape rooms!

Reviewed Jun 1, 2023 | Played Dec 4, 2021

𓆜𓋘𓄁 𓊛𓇙𓋸𓌤𓌥 𓌦 𓅐𓆢 𓆣 𓀉𓆤 𓆥 𓅑𓆘 𓆙 𓅒𓄙 𓄚 𓄛 𓅓𓃺 𓃻 𓅔 𓅕 𓃕 𓃖 𓃗 𓎷 𓄁𓎸𓅖 𓅽 𓅾 𓅿𓅗 𓅘 𓇆 𓇇𓅙 𓅚 𓁵 𓁶𓂵 𓂶𓃝𓋲 𓋳𓀬 𓅛𓁃 𓂺𓅜 �𓅝𓃄 �𓄁𓅞𓂙 𓅟𓂿 𓆜𓋘𓄁 𓊛𓇙𓋸𓌤𓌥 𓌦 𓅐𓆢 𓆣 𓀉𓆤 𓆥 𓅑𓆘 𓆙 𓅒𓄙 𓄚 𓄛 𓅓𓃺 𓃻 𓅔 𓅕 𓃕 𓃖 𓃗 𓎷 𓄁𓎸𓅖 𓅽 𓅾 𓅿𓅗 𓅘 𓇆 𓇇𓅙 𓅚 𓁵 𓁶𓂵 𓂶𓃝𓋲 𓋳𓀬 𓅛𓁃 𓂺𓅜 𓂨𓅝𓃄 𓄁𓅞𓂙 𓅟𓂿

Reviewed Jun 28, 2022

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