Escape Cabaret Montmartre
Escape Cabaret Montmartre

Escape Cabaret Montmartre

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It's a little after one o'clock and The Duchess, the star of the Cabaret Montmartre, was murdered. From the first investigation it was guessing for the reason, but soon her very expensive pearl necklace seemed to have disappeared. You crawl into the skin of researchers hired by the director of the Cabaret Montmartre. Your assignment: help the director by finding the lost pearl necklace of The Duchess within 60 minutes because the Ostend mafia is on your heels! The director received the necklace in exchange for opening his Cabaret to the mafia. There are several suspects like the other dancers out of jealousy? The director who is secretly in love with her? The bartender because he is in financial trouble? Her husband who can not accept that she works there? Do you find anyone who has stolen the necklace? Good luck!

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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