Maffia Bar [Mafia Bar]
Maffia Bar [Mafia Bar]

Maffia Bar [Mafia Bar]

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Du Monde Escaperooms

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Players enter the world of the 1920s, the entire experience unfolds in a bar consisting only of white, black and gray tones; no color to be seen. The Dark Dagger is known to be a bar where the most wanted criminals congregate. It boasts of astonishing break-ins, groups gather to plan the next heist and is the repository for many stolen goods. All while enjoying a drink – and a silent bartender. Not only does everyone trust the bartender, he literally cannot speak. Joseph “Achterbak” de Bruin is a criminal who is only too happy to listen to the wild stories of his fellow criminals. But at one point he got a wild plan, to rob the bar himself. Of course, he can not do this himself, his face is already known to everyone. To bring this heist to a successful conclusion, he still needs an unknown team. Joseph “Achterbak” de Bruin sees the right people for the task in your team. Joseph has reserved the bar for an evening under the guise of a private party, because even criminals have something to celebrate. Players must commit a heist under the watchful eye of the bartender. By finding burglary tools, distracting the bartender at the right times, to get into the back office of the bar and crack the safe. If the players are seen by the bartender, he will sound the alarm and they will have 90 seconds to finish the job before they are caught.

  • 3-6
  • 75 mins
  • Hard


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