Zombie Lab
Zombie Lab

Zombie Lab

The Great Escape Clovis

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Permanently Closed - Dr. Apocalypse has been doing some mad science in his lab and has inadvertently created a hungry zombie and he and his wife are missing. Zombie lab is a thrilling experience unlike anything you've ever done before. You need to solve the fun puzzles, find the key and escape, but there's a catch: chained in the room is a zombie...and he wants to eat you! Oh and every few minutes his chain gets longer!!! This is not a gory or scary experience. We have kept the blood and guts to a minimum. Our zombie can be easily distracted, it is your job to solve the puzzles, distract the zombie and get away without being eaten. You will need to be able to evade the zombie, so this room is not a good fit for those with mobility issues. We recommend participants be 12 years old or older as the experience may be a bit too intense for children. Wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes to assist in mobility so you can break out.

  • 4-8
  • 60 mins