Boshut 17 [Forest Hut 17]
Boshut 17 [Forest Hut 17]

Boshut 17 [Forest Hut 17]

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Lea and Bram Brouwer lived on the outskirts of the city. Together they have two daughters, Thirza (14) and Lydia (16). Thirza and Lydia are two hands on one stomach. Together they rebel against the religious upbringing of their parents. Lea and Bram lived a secluded existence with their daughters. They had no need to interact with the rest of the neighborhood. The same was true for both daughters. They mostly spent time together and had no friends at school. They were often bullied and over time they became more and more self-conscious. On December 2, 1982, they were no longer seen at school. After both daughters have been out of school for a week, the school board decides to visit the parental home. It appears that no one is home. Two full weeks pass before the school board informs the police on December 16, 1982. A major search is underway. The search continues for 3 long grueling months and is eventually abandoned without success. More than six months later, two boys accidentally come across a forest hut deep in the woods in Tilburg. The forest hut is built of large logs and disappears completely against the background. The entire family is found dead in the forest hut. Next to the door is a sign with number 17 All 4 family members lay motionless around a ouija board in the cabin. The corpses were completely intact and showed no signs of decomposition. Police immediately launched an investigation into the family's cause of death. However, a section on the bodies of the family members turned up nothing. No cause of death could be established for any family member.

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