Morte Frio
Morte Frio

Morte Frio

Room Escape Amsterdam

  • Escape room
  • Portable

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Escape challenge Morte frio Amsterdam is a super exciting escape game. You can play it anywhere in The Netherlands and up to 5.000 players. It’s about a Guerrilla that fights, takes hostages and murders people. On the edge of the Amazon, they take a hostage into a white van. Unexpectedly, they have a witness. Will they take out the witnesses before being discovered? The teams have one hour. This thrilling escape game is played in teams of 5 to 8 people. The participant immediately imagines to be in the middle of another world. Each team gets its own set-up in a part of the room. The race against the clock has started! The teams can see each other, tension and competition are increasing! Teams can give each other hints, but also false hints! Which team manages, under high pressure, to open the final box in the middle of the room first and win?

  • 5-8
  • 75 mins