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Miss Whistledown

Escape Room Egmond

We go back to the year 1817 in London. The Queen needs your help! As the season is about to begin, a mysterious writer calling herself “Miss Whistledown” has surfaced. This writer spreads all kinds of gossip and scandals about the “ton”. The Queen needs your help to unmask this mysterious writer. And you don't disobey an order from the King, do you? The series is inspired by the books and Netflix series Bridgerton. It is not necessary to have seen the series. Unique to this online escape room is that you can actually walk around in different beautiful spaces. The escape room can now only be played in English. There will be a Dutch version. You can play it with 2 to 4 people. Find out soon!

  • 2-4
  • 120 mins
  • Unknown

Miss Whistledown
  • Virtual Escape Room

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Escape Room Egmond

1934 Egmond aan den Hoef, Netherlands

+31 85 0044311

Book on http://escaperoomegmond.nl/online-escape-rooms/

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