Polizei Akademie [Police Academy]
Polizei Akademie [Police Academy]
Polizei Akademie [Police Academy]

Polizei Akademie [Police Academy]

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Escape Room 24

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Commander Lizzard's report: After four years of hard training, this is coming to an end. A lot of sweat was shed and you invested a lot of energy. Use the talent you have gained and pass the last hurdle of your training - the final exam is just around the corner... Apply everything you learned in your police training! Training to become a police officer was not a cakewalk. But I'm still hopeful. Rarely have I had the privilege of being the commander of such a strong class. Your outstanding achievements have prompted me to hand you over the most explosive case in the history of the academy. Your final exam to successfully pass your police training is to locate the person who broke into my office yesterday and encrypted my computer. Find out the password and unmask the culprit by viewing the surveillance camera footage. But it won't be easy... Together with the Escape Room 24 you will be checked one last time. The toughest test since the beginning of your training. Now it's time to prove what you've learned and make me proud. Only in a team will you pass this test, apply what you have learned. Brains, trading skills and teamwork are required.

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