Da Vinci Code [Outdoor]Da Vinci Code [Outdoor]

Da Vinci Code [Outdoor]

Escape Room Nijmegen

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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A seriously ill hermit has the best kept secret in town. His last days have been counted, but before he dies, he wants to tell you the secrets of the city treasure. But it is not easy for you. First, he challenges you search for the treasure and for the needed code to get the secret. In teams, you all go to the city center of Nijmegen with a tablet and other provided materials. The hermit passes on locations to you, here you can collect more info by giving the correct answers and receive more info for other secret locations. Find your way to these secret locations and listen to video’s from his relatives. Work together to solve the riddles. Does your team succeed to find the treasure and crack the code, to get to the best kept secret in town? An exciting and educational game, with needed teamspirit, where you also getting to know the history and culture of town.

  • 8+
  • 165 mins