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The Gym

Escape Room Zevenhuizen

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Your weekly appointment to exercise for an hour turns out differently than you had planned in advance. Typical moment: 'WRONG TIME, WRONG PLACE...' It was a busy day and it is already late, but you decide to go an hour before closing time. While changing clothes, the power suddenly goes out. It turns out to be a power outage. Because THE GYM would almost close, you are the only athletes in the building. While waiting for what is about to happen, you inadvertently overhear a conversation. You immediately recognize the voice of the “friendly” gym owner Henry Alter. He is talking to a man who has an Italian accent. It soon becomes clear to you that the friendly gym owner and his Italian partner have no idea that you are still present in the building. You hear all the secret details about their illegal drug trade, which they have set up from the gym in recent years. Out of fright, one of you bumps into the door of a locker. This one closes and because of this the owner and his partner are aware that they were not only present in THE GYM after all… An automatic security system ensures that the gym is closed and all doors automatically lock. You are in a lot of trouble as they will do everything they can to silence you from what you have heard and owner Henry Alter uses every means to do so! Do you know how to stay out of the hands of these criminals or do they know how to silence you? TikTok TikTok… every second counts…!

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins